Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Second Life® - Brief Overview

Second Life® is a virtual 3D zone or an environment created and developed by Linden Research, Inc. which can be used for various purposes. It has been created mainly with an aim to add a dimension of fun and creativity to the regular important work that is usually done in a bland and unintersting manner. Also it makes communication easy and fun by providing various options to members for usage and joining of particular communities or even creating them, buying, selling or trading space in the virtual world in terms of Linden Dollars and many other such attributes that can be employed in the process of using this virtual world to its fullest potential.

Second Life® provides users with various flexible membership plans on their site, according to the needs and requirements of the members. A basic membership is good to begin with to have a look around and the software to be used is easily downloadable from the given website. A video tutorial is also provided to help new members use the software with ease. The website also provides a blog section to keep members up to date on the various software updates and new offers that are being made available to them from time to time.

The space provided in Second Life® is used to create various kinds of places and structures, relating to Arts and Culture, Music, Hot Spots, Fashion, etc. For instance there exists a Shakespeare library with all his famous works arranged in order. Many such places like museums, libaries and other public hotspots which have been created by its members, are found in the 3D world. There is a lot more that can be done in this virtual world and the members, also called its Residents, are the ones to create, develop and promote it with complete freedom, authority and liberty.

The Second Life® virtual world is a global community, which with the help of all its members, aims at building and developing a new online space for the purpose of creativity, collaboration, commerce and recreation of all its members. It also strives to bring together diverse cultures and different kinds of people to a common platform where they can share and portray their ideas and creativity with complete freedom and authority. Second Life® attests to freedom of expression, compassionate nature and tolerance as the founding pillars for community in this world and strives to achieve it with its free environment where its members can practice these values to use the virtual world to its maximum potential and bring out the best in them as well.

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